Barony of Eskalya

Greetings Eskalya!
Longer days herald the return of warmth to our baronial lands.  The summer season will soon be here along with many opportunities to join friends near and far.  We look forward to sharing these times with you our beloved populace.

Our next Baronial event is CHERRY BLOSSOM, May 13 hosted by Mistress Anna di Caterina Neri and our Page Caspian.  The lovely cherry blossoms appear a bit later in these northern climes and we are ready to celebrate their arrival.  A prize tourney for both heavy and rapier fighters is planned.  Artisans are asked to find inspiration in the colors of the spring season and fashion an item from that inspiration.  Miso soup and rice will be provided.   Join us on the campus of Alaska Pacific University in the Carr-Gottstein Seminar Room.

The Oertha Collegium is at the end of April in Winter’s Gate.  Many are traveling to take one or more of the many classes that will be offered over the weekend of April 21 - 23 at the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus.  If you haven’t already made plans to attend, please take advantage of this time to gather and learn a new skill or teach a skill or art to someone else.

We have travelled these last few months to witness the victory of Miles in the West Kingdom Crown Tournament and to attend the coronation of the Atlantia King and Queen and open trade routes with some of their baronies.  We are honored to speak of the heart of our populace to those we encounter and have extended invitation to them to visit and see for themselves the land we call home.

We hope to see many of you at the business meeting on April 11 at 6:00pm.  There are still events that need event stewards:  Newcomers’ Feast (June 17th), Baronesses’ Champion (September 9th), Samhien (October 28th), and Yule (December 9th).

If you are interested in submitting a bid, please include a proposed budget, a copy of the Event Sponsorship form and general outline of what you'd like to do. All of these forms are available in the files section of the Baronial Yahoo Group.  Bids should be sent to the financial committee (,, and If you'd like to submit an event bid but have questions, please feel free to ask!

As always, if you have any comments or concerns, we are here to listen. You can contact us at events or by message to

We are still working on plans for project nights and will post those dates as we confirm them.

Pray know we remain your servants,
Cynehild and Clare Elena
Baronesses of Eskalya