Barony of Eskalya


Greetings to the Barony of Eskalya!

How is it already the fourth week of May?!

We've got some exciting things coming up in the next few weeks. On the 29th, we'll have a meet-and-greet with the candidates to be the next Baron and Baroness of Eskalya. Between those two business-y things is Selviergard's 15th Birthday Party out in Talkeetna. We'll be day-tripping on Saturday, and we hope to see you there!

Then it's June and Three Barons' Faire! As always, the first two weekends of June will be dedicated to showing off our wonderful Barony (and the whole Principality) to the people of Anchorage. If you're coming to assist with the demo, please make sure you've signed up using the links that have been posted previously and bring a project or skill to demonstrate to visitors. Fighters, your talents are especially needed for the 1pm and 5pm fight demos. Cookies will be provided!

Also, don't forget that polling for the next Baron and Baroness will run for the month of June. Polling will be conducted by Mistress Anna Neri, our esteemed Principality Seneschal, who will be explaining the process as the date gets closer.

We look forward to seeing everyone around town in the coming days!

Your Baronesses,
Clare Elena and Cynehild

Picture Taken by Travis Abe Thomas