Barony of Eskalya

Greetings Eskalya!

As our long winter slowly turns to spring and we herald the advent of a new year, we all look back on the accomplishments and hopes of the year just closed.  Many of us faced unexpected and trying times in the last year along with those times of great joy and merriment.  We pray that this new year finds you strengthened by the lessons of the old year and encourage you to walk boldly into this new year.  We are blessed by each of you in our barony who have come to our service, attended an event, or supported another member in their endeavors.  We are all stronger as a result.

Our first year as your Baronesses has been full of fun, work, and laughter and we have both made many fond memories to store away.  Our thanks to Lady Ceara and Dame Eslpeth for their hosting of Eskalya Yule.  Good company and good food graced the hall as we joined together to celebrate the season.  Congratulations to those who were recognized for their service and chivalry and to the victors of the competitions of the day.

In the coming year, we look forward to our Cherry Blossom festival in March and those events hosted by our neighboring Baronies.  We are excited to see many old friends and make new acquaintances at Oertha Winter Coronet in Willow in just a few short weeks.  The list of those fighters entering for the right to claim the Coronets of Oertha includes several that call Eskalya their home.  Make your voice heard as we cheer them in their pursuit of victory. 

The Broken Arrow Inn will be open for lunch on Saturday of Winter Coronet.  This is a fundraiser for the archery program in Eskalya.  A selection of savory pies and a personal size charcuterie board as well as a selection of sweets will be available for purchase.  All funds raised will be used for the purchase of an archery backdrop.

Remember Arts and Sciences nights continue at the Anchorage Public Library the second Thursday of each month at 6:30pm.  We’ll take January off and come back in February with a class taught by Mistress Anna.  Sir Viresse is scheduled to teach a boffer class in March.  Please consider sharing a topic or talent of yours at these monthly events. 

We cannot see all that happens and we ask that you please bring to our attention those members deserving of recognition.  If you have any comments or concerns, we are here to listen. You can contact us at events or by message to

Pray know we remain your servants,

Cynehild and Clare Elena
Baronesses of Eskalya


Picture Taken by Travis Abe Thomas