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Oertha Cooks Playdate

Saturday July 25th, 2020

Period Food is Yummy! Come spend a day experimenting with period cooking and then enjoy the fruits of your labors! This event is modeled after the Cook’s Play Date held at West/An Tir War. Bring recipes, ingredients, and supplies and cook over coals or experiment with dishes in a modern kitchen. At the end of the day, sit down for a communal meal to share the day’s work.

Cook one dish or cook four! The day is all about experimenting, learning, and having fun with period cooking. An outdoor cook space with coals will be available as well as space in a modern kitchen. Some pipkins and other pots will be available as well. Bring what you have to share as well.

For the non-cooks, come out and enjoy a day with friends. Both heavy and rapier fighters will have space to practice, work on armor, or simply sit and tell glorious tales of war. Work on an art project or play a game. The day will end with samples of the cook’s efforts being shared. Because: Period Food is Yummy!