Barony of Eskalya


Greetings Eskalya!

Baron Gavin and I recently travelled Southerly to attend Great Western War with Their Highnesses and His Excellency Halfdan and a glorious time was had by all.  There are many classes to take, opportunities to volunteer, the fighting is amazing and the shopping is fantastic.  We also took part in an interKingdom group archery competition.  There are also some wonderful people who are willing and able to help with camping equipment so you don’t have to pack it down! Should you get the chance to venture out to that or any other War in the known world, I highly recommend doing so.

Shortly after my return was our Samhain event.  Thank you, Lady Lena for putting this together at the last minute!  We were again honored to have Their Highnesses and His Excellency Halfdan join us. The Rapier Champion tournament was fierce and very closely matched.  There was a three way tie almost up to the last fight.  Though I would have been pleased to have any of the contestants as my Rapier Champion, I am happy to report that Bernadette successfully defended her position.

Congratulations to Glenn for receiving his AoA, as well as being named the “Right Paw’ of the Princess. His Excellency Halfdan was named the “Left Paw.”  (It is possible that I got those mixed up)
It was a pleasure for me to bestow upon my guard, Alric, the Eskalyan Mountain Sword for his increasing prowess and enthusiasm on the field.  I look forward to watching him continue and grow.

As always, we need your recommendations for awards.  You don’t need to have a specific one in mind, just tell us the reasons you believe Bjorn the Smith deserves recognition and we will find something that matches.

We look forward to seen you and many others as we celebrate the holiday season with Their Majesties, Hans and Helga at Eskalya and Selviergard’s combined Yule event on Dec. 7th.

Gavin and Celestria, Baron and Baroness