Barony of Eskalya

Happy Holidays everyone!

I want to thank the whole of our chosen family for joining us at the Yule event this past weekend. It was an honor and a joy to have Their Majesties, Her Royal Highness and Their retinue come up from central Kingdom. As always, it was a pleasure to have Their Highnesses with us, as well as Barons Halfdan and Hans. We were also blessed with some new friendly faces, which I very much hope to see again.

The Arts and Science display was astounding, the dancing was lovely, and I do believe that stick wrestling will become a new tradition.

We were happy to present a couple of scrolls for recent awards and proud to present the newly appointed Lady Bernadette with a Mountain Sword and Lady Lena with an Ivory Quatrefoil. Bernadette was inducted into the Order of the Glove, and she and Maeve received their AoAs. It was a big day for them! Mistress E’Tain also had a big day, having Their Majesties offer her elevation to Master of Defense! She humbly accepted and it will take place at Winter Coronet.

There were several other awards given by Their Highnesses and Their Majesties, but alas, my foggy brain did not retain them all.

We wish to thank Mistress Cynehild for organizing the Toys for Tots donations, as well as all those who participated in this worthy cause. Some form of charitable contribution has become a tradition for Yule, which we would very much like to see continue.

Happy Holidays to all, whichever ones you choose to celebrate. May the season and coming year see you happy and healthy.

Gavin and Celestria
Baron and Baroness of Eskalya