Barony of Eskalya


365 Days is a long time to be away from your chosen family. Hopefully we only have 79 more days how we can get back to the   Next new normal.
We are looking forward to practices and meetings and events and all those other things where we get to see our SCA family and friends in person. The virtual hangouts that we have created during this last year has brought us closer to Friends and family far away. That is no small thing. The magic of the SCA really is formed by the in person interactions.  A month or so ago some people were talking about whimsy we deeply missed that.  The days are getting longer and warmer and the nights are slightly less colder. Spring fever he’s going to hit us all very hard this year I fear. Do not let the isolation drag you down. Instead, focus on making your family and those around you better and happier.   We are working on the return to this summer’s events. 

We are not 100% sure if there’s going to be a Ren faire this year,  but odds are that will be happening.  Even if there is not a Ren faire, if we are allowed, Eskalya will be hosting a newcomers event in the second half of June, along with a demo for the Scottish Highland games.
The Baroness and I hope to see you all very soon in person, happy and safe. We dearly love you all and miss you greatly

Baron Gavin
Baroness Celestria