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Dangeld Tor Tri-Championship Cup

Saturday March 12th, 2022
Citrus Heights, California

The Shire of Danegeld Tor invites the populace to compete in, and bear witness, to our Champions Tournament on March 12th, 2022!

Join us for a day of SCA celebration, fighting, Arts and Sciences, and FUN as we seek our new Champions in Heavy, Rapier, and A&S! The winners will hold the Champions’ Honors until the next year’s Danegeld Tor Tri-Championship Cup, where they will pass the honor forward.

Championship Competitions

Heavy Fighting: Open to All West Kingdom Authorized Adult Heavy Fighters

Rapier: Open to All West Kingdom Authorized Adult Rapier Fighters

Iron Artisan: Open to EVERYONE
Have you ever wanted to compete in “Chopped”, but as an Arts and Sciences Competition?!? Well, here’s your chance! Test your creativity in this MacGyver-style comp, where we supply the random bits and bobbles, and you do your thing.

Registration: This is an absolutely FREE EVENT! Our purpose is to give back to the populous, and celebrate our friends, family, and community.

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Opens at 9 AM and Closes at 4 PM
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From Highway 80 exit Antelope Road.  Turn east on Antelope to Sunrise Blvd.  Turn North on Sunrise Blvd.  Turn right on Stanford Ave.  Road ends at Wonder street.  Park will be direcly in front of you.