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Winter's Gate Spring Newcomer's Revel & Baroness's Champion Tournament

Saturday June 4th, 2022 to Sunday June 5th, 2022
Fairbanks, Alaska

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! A shout out to the Populace of the Barony of Winter's Gate! Come share this Dream of ours, with new friends and neighbors! Bring your Arts and Sciences projects, your armoring, your games, and your spiffy garb, and show newcomers what we love about this great historical realm we indulge in!

Fighters! Come step up to the challenge to become our new Baroness's Champions! There will be both a heavy and a rapier tournament to name her new champions, as well as a flowers tournament for all fighters to play in to show their prowess and spread the beauty of spring to all.

There will be a class on cord making... a class in 4 parts! Viking whipcord, Kumihimo, Lucet, and Fingerloop braiding. There is something that everyone can learn. There will be a children's Intro to Page School class, with a fun activity to go with. While Page School is geared for ages 8 and up, ages 6 to 8 can participate with a parent in attendance. Also, adults are welcomed, nay, encouraged, to participate in Page School as well!

Dinner will be a potluck feast. Please bring a dish that will feed 6-8 people. There are a few plug-ins on site for crock-pots, and there are grills as well. Please bring a 3x5 card with the ingredients of your dish listed on it, so our friends with allergies can know what is safe to consume or avoid.

Our Lovely Baroness and our Baron will holding their first court after their step-up to the Baronial seats! This should be a day to be truly enjoyed to the fullest!

Sunday will be a day for leisurely visiting, fighters to play, continuation of classes, and to relax and revel in the blessings of the season.

Event Steward: Margery Garret (Michele Griffin) — Email: — Phone: 907-590-0868

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens Saturday 11am-9pm and Sunday 12noon-5pm
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration: $10, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $5, Children 16 and under: free

Take your best route to Airport Way. Turn onto the frontage road either from Peger Rd. or from Wilcox St. to park in the front lots. The pavilion is located in the middle of the park by the Air Museum.