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History of Eskalya

The Barony of Eskalya was founded as the Shire of Eskalya in the earliest mists of time in a place now called the Kingdom of An Tir, far away from the lands we now hold in the Kingdom of the West. The earliest records of the Shire, those we now use to establish our legitimate claim to this land, date from Anno Societatis XII (May 1, 1977 - April 30, 1978 by the modern reckoning).  These ancient and venerable documents record a tournament held within the bounds of the shire to select a Lord-Defender, further these documents record that feasting and revelry marked the beginning of the rule of Sir Einrich Dwarflord Armpittsbane as the first Lord-Defender.  Not one year later in A.S. XIII, Hugh McGlammoraga of the North and Selenia of Silverwood were invested as the Founding Baron and Baroness of Eskalya.

Recently donated by THL Alaryn and THL Elizabeth are some newspaper clippings from the early days of the Barony